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Tips and Links

Here is a quick overview about some interesting and beautiful activities in our neighbourhood:

Well worth seeing:

Enjoy the Michlberg (409m) with a little chapel and a lovely view over the gentle hilly landscape of the Weinviertel.
Kreuzenstein Castle The well known Kreuzenstein Castle, near Leobendorf, was rebuilt of original parts in the end of the 19th century. It is exciting to see!
Flying Eagles The eagles and other birds of prey are situated at Kreuzenstein Castle. The birds show their talents in a thrilling show.
Tumulus Leeberg The Leeberg (tumulus) is emblem of Großmugl. The grave mound was built in the Bronze Age but until now there have not been any scientific analysis.

For city drifters:

Stockerau was first diplomatically mentioned in the beginning of the 11th century.
Tulln Tulln was first mentioned as Tullina in 859.
Mistelbach Mistelbach is both an town where you can shop and a place of culture (Nitsch museum).
Vienna Vienna is different. See it how you would like to see it. Start your trip from our holiday home nearby Vienna.
10vorWien You can find places to eat and drink, which are full of culture and history, in the area around the Danube.

For bikers and hikers:

Bikers can enjoy the 35km long cycle path which starts in the 3km distant Sierndorf. It offers different features of the beautiful landscape and places to stop for a bit to eat.
Danube cycle path One of the most beautiful Austrian cycle paths - the Danube cycle path - can be reached easily through Stockerau.
  The Stockerauer meadow, which is a protected landscape, provides beautiful hiking trails and nature studies paths.
The way of Saint James The way of Saint James is extended through the Weinviertel.

For hobby archaeologists:

Amethyst World Maissau
Fossil World Fossil World Stetten

For adventurers:

For young an aged adventurers. Ochys forest amusement park in Kreuzstetten.

For golfers:

Golfclub Spillern
Tuttendörfl Golfrange Tuttendörfl
Schönborn Golfclub Schönborn